MMA fitness

Our MMA fitness video clips are temporary unavailable due to an argument  about the copy rights of 3 M-1 Global clips  we did put on our channel! We did supply M-1 Global with a lot of video material we shot during his training camps at Special Sports Amstelveen which they used for their promotion. So We trust  the clips will be soon back online!

"Unleash your strength with a smile!" Fedor Emelianenko doing what he loves to do in and around his home town Stary Oskol. He enjoys an intensive outdoor training: hammering, throwing, pulling, jumping and sprinting. Always pushing the limits by putting on extra weights and intensifying the exercises.

for women who like to improve their self-confidence and skills to handle themselves in uncomfortable situations. Yasmin Sewgobind is one of the top BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) instructors initiating the women in the secrets of practical selfdefense.

Fedor Emelianenko is a real ambassador for MMA, in this video he shares his knowledge and skills during one of his training camps in the Netherlands. Fedor has a profound knowledge of MMA body mechanics, it is often in the little things to make an action work, not in the use of force. This knowlewdge in combination with his standup skills makes him the ultimate MMA fighter.

Ivan Hippolyte, who trained Mirko "Cro Cop", Guram Gugenishvili and fighters from Black-Zillians, explains and demonstrates, stand up punching, Muay Thai clinching & throwing for MMA, to the 84 kg + group of the Ground Control training at his Vos gym, house of legends in Amsterdam. This is part 1 of the GC 84 kg + training, part 2 will show the BJJ training for MMA with Maxim Leijdekker.

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